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Our Work

screenshot of the okayplayer website

Okayplayer / Okayafrica

The Okayplayer family had plans for a site relaunch approached us to help grow their traffic and make sure nothing went wrong in the process of the migration to the new website. Founded over a decade ago by ?uestlove of The Roots, Okayplayer has become the tastemaker of the underground Hip­Hop world.

We were very excited to work with clients putting out such great content. Over the first few months we were able to grow both sites'traffic significantly.

Our Impact

  • ­­Okayplayer unique visits rose 75%
  • ­­Okayplayer organic visits rose over 50%
  • ­­Okayafrica unique visits rose over 50%
  • ­­Okayafrica unique organic visits rose over 130%
  • ­Note: these figures were compiled after a 9 month campaign (and are compared to the month before we came on board)

What We Did

  • ­­Consistently identified problems and errors on their websites and helped developers solve them
  • ­­Inputted a cohesive search engine optimization strategy for the websites
  • ­­Trained Okayplayer and Okayafrica writing/editorial staff to input best practices for SEO
  • ­­Consulted Okayplayer staff on the transition of launching a new website

Launching a Brand

Okayafrica is the contemporary African music website under the Okayplayer umbrella. Since launching in the last couple years, they are already one of the most influential sources of African music news on the internet and were looking to us for guidance in growing their reach.

Through a cohesive optimization strategy, we were able to grow their organic traffic by over %100 after only five months.

Managing A Relaunch

Whenever you migrate a website, there are many pitfalls and errors that naturally come about during this process. The stakes become even higher when the website being migrated gets millions of page views a month.

We worked closely with Okayplayer's development team to identify any potential issues as they were happening. We ensured they were made aware of any problems so they could be rectified as quickly as possible.

screenshot of experience nomad

The NoMad Neighborhood (ExperienceNoMad)

The NoMad (North of Madison Square Park) neighborhood has become one of the hottest newly recognized neighborhoods in New York City. The boundaries of the neighborhood encompass some of the best hotels, restaurants, creative firms and real estate in all of NYC.

When we were approached to begin the NoMad initiative, the neighborhood was yet to be fully conceptualized. Our objective was to first and foremost define the area and establish the neighborhood as one the definitive new neighborhoods in the city.

In just a few years, we can say with confidence that NoMad has arrived! The local and international press recognizes the area as one of the top destinations in Manhattan and establishing itself as a defined neighborhood on technologies such as Google, Seamless, Trip Advisor.

Our Impact

  • Organized the NoMad Business Alliance uniting the area both offline and online
  • Launched ExperienceNoMad.com, a website dedicated to everything happening in the neighborhood
  • Through the website, we helped craft an identity and a narrative for the neighborhood that showcased what is has to offer NYC
  • Google "NoMad New York" and see for yourself!

What We Did

  • ExperienceNoMad gets thousands of impressions per day
  • The neighborhood has garnered extensive features in the NY Times, Business Insider, Wall Street Journal, Curbed and more
  • Multiple restaurants have opened up locations with "NoMad" in their name, conversations we were proud to be a part of
  • NoMad is on Streeteasy, Google Maps, Real Deal, Open Table, Seamless, Here, Trip Advisor, and many more

Using Web To Unify a Neighborhood

When we launched ExperienceNoMad, hardly anyone knew about the NoMad neighborhood. We used our extensive experience in content creation and search to populate the site with content. We stayed on the cutting edge of the neighborhood, breaking news, and making sure that the site would be a vertical to potential visitors, and people who live and work in the area. We created a directory and interactive map of all the businesses in the area and shot over 30 video testimonials with companies and small businesses in the neighborhood allowing them to showcase their unique businesses and their offerings. Our efforts for this project were about empowering and creating a neighborhood, not just simply branding it. .

Bringing Businesses Together

We helped launched the NoMad Business Alliance with the goal of bringing the various factions of NoMad tenants together to find ways to help the area. We are currently developing an even more extensive NoMad business map and finding ways to link up the various creative and talented people that live and work in this great neighborhood.

screenshot of the mass appeal website

Mass Appeal

Mass Appeal has gone from being an underground 90's downtown NYC zine to one of the leading voices in graffiti, street fashion and hip-hop culture. After the guys at creative agency Decon relaunched the magazine as a beautiful print quarterly, they hit us up to assist with the marketing campaign. We immediately focused on boosting the site's traffic, social media profiles and gave input on their massive website redesign project.

During the initial stage of the campaign, we were simultaneously working on improving their current site while consulting with their development team on the new vision of the redesign.

Over the course of 2013, the site underwent fantastic traffic growth and had a successful redesign and relaunch.

Our Impact

  • Visits increased by 200%
  • Page views increased by 275%
  • 30% improvement in bounce rate
  • Pages per visit improved by 25%

What We Did

  • Consulted with and trained their staff on content strategy
  • Increased their search traffic by over 75%
  • Helped oversee a successful redesign and relaunch
  • Social media strategy

Boosting Traffic While Maintaining Editorial Integrity

Our core focus when working with media clients is to never compromise the editorial integrity and unique voice of the publication. Mass Appeal has a distinct style and a very discerning reader base, so it was especially important that we maintained their voice. We worked closely with the editorial staff to make sure that all of our initiatives were in line with their brand and distinct aesthetic.

Beyond Search

Throughout our campaign, Mass Appeal made it clear that they wanted our advice and consulting to go beyond the realm of search. We were encouraged to make suggestions and would often brainstorm ideas relating to every facet of their brand. During the redesign, in addition to search, we consulted extensively on user experience, content strategy and gave feedback on many new initiatives that they were launching.

screenshot of the Act 4 homepage

NYC Opera's Act 4

The New York City Opera and L Magazine wanted to gain attention for their new collaborative concert series Act 4. They came to Electric Orange to help market their site so that this relatively unknown event could become a main attraction.

We jumped at the chance to work with two clients we highly admire. The event was also doing something really cool, by bringing the Brooklyn crowd to the high brown scene of Opera. The performances during Act 4 featured the likes of Active Child, Beach Fossils, Small Black, and more really great upcoming musicians and artists.

The key for our success was helping to build out a great site then reach out and inform like-minded bloggers and content creators to get involved and check out the show and write about it.

Our Impact

  • Features of Act 4 content reached over 13.4 million views online
  • NYC opera Twitter and Facebook account increased by over 100% during 3 month campaign
  • Increased pageviews to L Magazine Act 4 content by over 1000%
  • Note: These figures were compiled just after the initial 3 month campaign

What We Did

  • Created a cohesive online campaign that would garner increased awareness and involvement
  • Creative campaigns were organized with websites such as Four Square, Signpost, and Guest of a Guest
  • Increased pageviews to L Magazine Act 4 content by over 1000%
  • Digital PR campaign that resulted in features on nightly news as well as top publications and blogs
  • Sent out over 350 individual reach outs during the campaign

Defining A Niche

When you are bringing the budding indie rock crowd to the opera, you need to decide who your core target demographic is. We spent a great deal of time researching the space and defining who would be most interested in this event. Our efforts received exposure on NBC Nightly News as well as The Wall Street Journal, Spin Magazine, Time Out NY and some of the top local event blogs in or around NYC.

Make The Traffic Count

We are often asked to get traffic to a particular site, but in this case you can't just cast a wide net. The demographic of interest is much smaller when you are dealing with metrics that consist of ticket purchases, exposure, and ultimately attendance. We focused our SEO and Social Media efforts on individuals who would pick up on this idea and run with it!

screenshot of the revolver magazine website

Revolver Magazine

Revolver Magazine came to Electric Orange in need of a completely new website. Since Revolver is the leading publication for heavy metal and hard rock music, this was no small undertaking.

Revolver had years and years of content, comments, forum posts, and users in their database. The site was running on Drupal and was desperately in need of a fresh, new design and a better user experience. The site was hard to navigate and Revolver's editors were not happy with Drupal's interface for editing and publishing content.

Electric Orange was excited about all of the possibilities for improvement and delivered a brand new design while migrating all of the old site's content and user base into a completely new site built on Expression Engine. The results have been astounding.

Our Impact

  • Organic traffic increased 13.31% since the relaunch
  • The site's bounce rate improved by 7.47% since the relaunch
  • Direct traffic increased 32% since the relaunch
  • Note: These figures were compiled 3 months after the relaunch

What We Did

  • Created an entirely new design
  • Improved the navigation and site's ease of use
  • Made the editors' control panel much easier to use
  • Rewrote the entire site with semantic, standards-based html, css, and javascript
  • Migrated all content and users from Drupal to Expression Engine

Good Code Is the Cornerstone of a Good Site

Writing good code is essential to the success of any major website. One of the key things that we did during this project is completely revamp the site's code. We wrote semantic html that gives important metadata to search engines and allows the site to translate well to mobile devices and other platforms. We organized content better so that it became easier to find things. We moved inline styles out of the html and consolidated javascript into external files. This gave the site tremendous performance improvements. When it was all said and done, Revolver was handed a site that is built to last.

Making It Easier to Publish

One of Revolver's problems was that the editors found it difficult to publish new content to the site in Drupal. This, in turn, made them less likely to post frequently. By focusing on improving the experience of managing content, we gave them a site that they would be more inclined to update. This resulted in more content, which resulted in more traffic and better SEO rankings. We brought clear thinking to how the content should be organized and how that should correlate with the editors' back end.

screenshot of the everyday health website

Everyday Health

Everyday Health is the web's leading online health information website. Their network of sites is even larger than Web MD! So, we were excited when they approached us to help launch a new condition blogger program in 2009.

The Everyday Health condition blogger program is a network of over 80 volunteer bloggers that share their experiences of living with various health conditions each week. Here's just one example.

Electric Orange built this program from scratch by recruiting every one of the bloggers and maintaining a relationship with them. We coached the bloggers on best practices for SEO and writing, and we worked with the editors every week to help them find new content to feature in their newsletters, on the homepage, and on Everyday Health's social networking profiles.

The program has been a tremendous success and has created content that's driven hundreds of thousands of pageviews and visits, and has improved Everyday Health's search engine rankings.

Our Impact

  • Recruited over 80 new bloggers
  • In March 2010, one of our bloggers' posts was one of the most-visited pages on the site. It received over 20,000 pageviews
  • Supplied content weekly for newsletters that are distributed to millions of subscribers in niches like Healthy Living, Women's Health, and Healthy Aging
  • Improved the site's seo ranking on high-priority keywords by recruiting bloggers to cover those keywords

What We Did

  • Identified and recruited bloggers to volunteer to post a new entry at least once every week
  • Coached bloggers on seo and writing best practices
  • Worked with the editorial team to fill specific content needs

A Flexible Strategy Leads to Success

One reason that the condition blogging program has been a success is our willingness to be flexible and constantly improve our strategy. We've done everything from publish a weekly newsletter that keeps our bloggers in the loop, to running conference calls on SEO best practices, to brainstorming topics for posts with our bloggers. The challenges change every week, but the one constant month over month is that Electric Orange has kept the Everyday Health condition blogging program running strong.

As They Say, Content Is King

For a site like Everyday Health having lots of new content is absolutely essential to driving traffic and providing news to distribute through its newsletters, social networking profiles, and to search engines. By recruiting and coaching these condition bloggers, we've become an indispensable part of the site's daily publishing process and added authentic voices to their online community.

screenshot of the l magazine's website

The L Magazine

For those of you not in NYC, The L Magazine is one of the coolest alt weeklies in the country. They are distinguishable here in New York by their bright orange stands often found near subway entrances.

Their publication started in 2003, and though right in the thick of a declining print publishing environment, The L opted to focus their efforts on their print publication. But by spring of 2009, they were ready to jump with gusto into the web, and Electric Orange was happy to guide them in this process.

Our Impact

  • Social media referrals increased by 773.91% in 6 months
  • Overall visits to TheLMagazine.com increased by 94.84%
  • Google organic visits increased 170.29%

What We Did

  • Consulted on the user experience and SEO optimization for the re-design of thelmagazine.com
  • Tested and implemented keywords across new and old content on the newly designed website
  • Increased traffic to The L Magazine's new site
  • Set up, populated and consulted the magazine on its presence in social media
  • Helped launch The L Magazine's first iPhone app called "Cocktail Compass"

Content, Content, Content...Did we mention Content?!

The L Magazine had been around for about six years by the time they approached Electric Orange to help them with their website. As you can imagine, they had tons of print content. However, the magazine was doing very little in the way of online publishing. Their old site was centered around a blog on which they published as few as 1-2 posts per day. Besides that blog, the only other portion of the site was dedicated to local event listings in the New York area. Their print publication had an untapped gold mine of content—everything from reviews and features to sex advice! Electric Orange helped The L figure out how to cater their content for both the web and for print. With the internet, your content is only as relevant as your last post, so you better be ready to hold a person's attention if you want to be successful online. We worked with the editorial team to help reorganize content, work on web-friendly headlines, and to adapt their print philosophy towards new media.

From the Streets to a Tweet

Transitioning content from a print publication to a relevant website was something we knew was important, but we also knew that the distribution of this content was equally important. Just as search engines help a new visitor find content, social media sites do the same. During the course of this campaign, Twitter became ever more important to content-driven sites like TheLMagazine.com. We helped them blaze this trail by growing their following and making their Twitter profile become one of the most successful alt weekly profiles on the web.

screenshot of webvet.com


Webvet, the internet's leading pet health publication, came to us for help improving the SEO ranking of their large archive of content. For a site like Webvet, search traffic is crucial, and a lot of work was needed to whip the site into shape.

As we revised articles and researched keywords to improve the site's search rankings, we also coached their editorial staff on writing for the web. As it turns out, good writing for search engines can be good for your readers too. It's just a matter of being cognizant of how search engines evaluate your site. Many journalism best-practices—strong, clear headlines and lead sentences—are also the stuff that Google loves.

Not only did we focus on improving the SEO ranking of Webvet's content, we also jump-started their social media profiles and turned them into a real source of traffic and referrals.

Our Impact

  • After just 3 months, total traffic was up 25.26%
  • Search engine traffic grew 9.14% in the first 3 months
  • The site indexed for over 10,000 new keywords after 3 months
  • Google referral traffic (i.e. Google Images, Google Reader, etc.) grew 321.38% in 3 months
  • Of the top 50 keywords driving traffic to the site, Webvet ranked on the first page of search results for 43 of them after the first 3 months

What We Did

  • Coached the editorial staff on writing for the web and SEO, and on how to use social media to grow their audience
  • Kicked social media into high gear, making Facebook and Twitter significant new sources of traffic
  • Researched keywords and revised hundreds of archived articles to improve the SEO ranking for those articles
  • Consulted on best practices for relaunching the site on the Drupal CMS platform

Good Writing for the Web Enhances the User Experience and Drives Search Traffic

For a site like Webvet that publishes lots of content in a specific niche, good search engine optimization tactics are not a luxury, they're a matter of survival. So, Webvet came to us to conduct an extensive revamp of their old content and to advise them on how to move forward. We researched an exhaustive list of pet-health-related keywords and revised hundreds of old articles, tweaking headlines, links, text, and metadata. We also coached the editorial staff on best practices for writing articles for the Web so that all of their new content would be more findable as soon as they published it. The positive impact on their search traffic was immediately tangible.

The Content Management System Is King

While it might not seem important, the software that you use to publish your content and power your website is crucial. Using a bad content management system can make things difficult for your staff to update, and it can hurt your site's ability to be found and shared. An example is a CMS that generates long, unwieldy urls, or one that locks you into a convoluted information architecture. Webvet knew the pitfalls of a crappy CMS firsthand and was determined to move to a new Drupal CMS setup. Electric Orange recommended drupal and was key in ensuring that this transition was smooth, and that their new Drupal installation was maxed-out with SEO best-practices.

screenshot of the cooper square hotel website

The Cooper Square Hotel

The Cooper Square Hotel, a new boutique hotel that opened in December 2008, needed to ensure that their new site would be representative of the impressive building they were resurrecting on the Bowery. Being a new hotel in a already crowded East Village neighborhood, they wanted to make sure that their site would rank above the competition. Electric Orange was called into action to assist with making sure each aspect of the site was optimized for searches.

We worked with The Cooper Square Hotel to determine exactly who their ideal customer was going to be. We then identified search terms that would work with the copy on the site and would match with what search engines would be indexing on each page. Our research helped make the site one of the prime examples of a solid web presence for the new boutique hotels currently opening up in New York today.

Our Impact

  • Increased organic traffic by over 154% in 2 months
  • Visits from referring sites increased 184% in only 3 months
  • Keyword traffic was driven from over 1,355 ranking keywords including page one rankings for long-tail phrases such as “East Village Hotels” and “Greenwich Village”

What We Did

  • Consulted on the development of TheCooperSquareHotel.com
  • Built traffic to a hotel's website that was brand-spanking new
  • Improved the site's ranking on long-tail keywords that TheCooperSquareHotel.com could use to obtain reservations
  • Tested keywords and implemented deep site taxonomy to help the site index more effectively
  • Developed and implemented a Digital PR campaign that included distributing press releases and blogger outreach that brought online attention to the the newly launched hotel

Do You Know Who We Are?

The Cooper Square came to Electric Orange before the hotel had launched when they had no online presence. We understood the importance of making sure that their place of business would be universally recognized when the new hotel opened its doors. If a potential customer was searching for their business and was unable to locate it on the web, it could prove detrimental to their reputation. We assured The Cooper Square Hotel that they would be not only be prominent in searches, but also prominent across other more localized areas such as Google and Yahoo business directories, maps, and other local listings. We made sure to cover each path that a potential customer might take in finding the hotel online.

Expanding The Brand

The Cooper Square Hotel's business is driven primarily by its good reputation and referrals from past customers. We helped facilitate a digital PR program to fortify their traditional PR firm's efforts to get more attention for the hotel leading up to their launch. The program was centered around reaching out to influential local blogs, as well as larger sites like Fodor's and Frommers. This push helped gain not only more traffic to the site, but it also created an organic buzz around the local travel community.

screenshot of the Isabella Rose Taylor website

Isabella Rose Taylor

Isabella Rose Taylor is a 12 year old fashion design and art prodigy. When her team approached us to help bring awareness of her brand, boost sales of her clothing line and get more traffic to her site; we were excited the opportunity to work with such a talented young artist and designer.

This project gave members of our team the ability to utilize knowledge from their Bachelor in Fine Arts degrees and extensive experience working within the fashion industry.

Since we started this project, Isabella has been featured on runways, print and online media as well art galleries. Our goal has been to make sure that her website's profile has risen within her own.

Our Impact

  • ­Search visits increased by over 150%
  • ­During that time, page views rose over 150% as well
  • Over a 30% improvement in bounce rate
  • ­Note: these figures were compiled from Q2 of our campaign compared to Q1

What We Did

  • ­Fixed extensive backend issues on the site that were hampering its search performance
  • ­Consulted on content strategy for the sites product pages, blog and overall copy
  • ­Optimized the website's backend tagging and meta data
  • ­Isabella's website now gets impressions and visits from many competitive art and fashion related keywords and also ranks for specific product related keywords

Turning Press Presence Into Net Presence

In the last year, Isabella has been featured on various outlets ranging from The Today Show to the Huffington Post. As her profile began to rise, we wanted to ensure that her net presence did as well. We worked to make sure that Isabella's blogging presence was properly optimized to bring visitors to her site. In addition to content strategy, our efforts included constant site scrapes, identifying and fixing duplicate content issues, tagging of images and posts and implementing meta data into pages.

From the Runway to Ecommerce

It's one thing to show on the runway at a prestigious fashion week event. However, it's another to translate buzz from that into a successful online store. Throughout the campaign, one of our primary focuses has been to optimize Isabella's store so that her unique and creative line of teen and tween clothing could reach new audiences. Our extensive experience in optimizing Ecommerce platforms allowed us to create a strategy that has Isabella ranking on search engines for many broad and specific fashion related keywords. This allows potential customers and fans to find out about Isabella's work on a daily basis independent of any PR campaign or press appearance.

screenshot of the northside festival website

Northside Music Festival

In just two brief years, Northside Festival has become one of New York's anticipated events on the indie rock calendar. Northside Fest is a four-day music, film, and arts festival in North Brooklyn that highlights some of the brightest upcoming and established stars in the independent music scene. It's fast overtaking CMJ Music Marathon as the best live music festival in New York City. Unlike CMJ, the festival is concentrated in a tight geographical area within Williamsburg and Greenpoint, Brooklyn. The close proximity of the shows makes the weekend festival very accessible, and the event is a great way to celebrate the scene blossoming in these North Brooklyn neighborhoods.

Northside Festival came to Electric Orange wanting to generate online buzz for the festival. They also wanted to have the festival featured in online publications and blogs to drive ticket sales, build their email list, and grow their social media buzz and followers. To meet these goals we created a comprehensive campaign that hinged on an exciting contest in which we gave away 3 new Apple iPads.

Our Impact

  • Our PR efforts put the festival in front of 4,899,923 people via press and blog articles
  • 60 websites and online media outlets wrote about the festival as a result of our efforts
  • We collected over 2,500 emails for the Northside mailing list in two months
  • We grew L Magazine's Twitter following by over 1,000 people in two months

What We Did

  • Created a contest to encourage people to sign up for the Northside Festival mailing list
  • Setup, recruited, and managed an offline street team to collect emails in the neighborhood
  • Executed a large PR campaign that included over 500 reachouts on behalf of Northside Festival, and was a key factor in the overall success of the campaign
  • Managed and grew the social media presence for the festival

A Comprehensive Approach Delivered Tremendous Value

With this campaign, we truly delivered a comprehensive marketing plan at a great price. Our strategy hinged on the iPad Contest to drive new traffic to the site, generate online buzz about the festival, and grow their email list and social media followers. To support the contest we employed a variety of tactics including a street team to collect contest emails in North Brooklyn, online PR that resulted in significant press and buzz, and managing content to grow the festival's social media following. The contest was the underlying theme that united the disparate promotional mediums of PR, offline marketing, social media, and email.

Pound the Pavement, Hit the Keyboards

Combining an online marketing campaign with a traditional, offline street team was key to the success of the campaign. Because the festival is held in a specific area of North Brooklyn, Electric Orange recognized that an offline component would be key to success of the campaign. As such, we developed a street team to get out in the neighborhood to collect email addresses, promote ticket sales, and distribute Northside promotional items. This, combined with our online PR efforts, was the lynchpin that made the campaign successful.

screenshot of the daily vinyl website

Daily Vinyl

This site is near and dear to our hearts since we're musicians and vinyl lovers. Daily Vinyl is our own property that we launched in March 2009. It's part online store for vinyl-only music releases and part music news and reviews site.

We believe that your site can only be as big as the content that you produce and the way that you engage your audience. So we've created a site that combines a clear business model with quality content in a growing niche. We also believe in vinyl as the superior format for building a long-term personal record collection. With Daily Vinyl we are recreating the experience of visiting your local record store and getting to chat with their knowledgeable staff and explore new music on their speakers. Except this time that experience happens online.

We've put our sweat, expertise, and money where our mouth is with Daily Vinyl and our clients benefit from everything we learn by running the site.

Our Impact

  • Launched a new niche brand in March 2009
  • Wrote daily content on current music events and album reviews
  • Grew traffic over 100% month over month

What We Did

  • Designed and coded the site using html, css, javascript, and Shopify
  • Implemented e-commerce best practices
  • Incorporated online blogging, marketing, seo, and social media best practices
  • Launched comprehensive digital pr campaign that includes live events and concerts

Practice What We Preach

Daily Vinyl is a comprehensive example of the type of work we do each and every day for our clients. It's an e-commerce website powered by Shopify. It's a music news and reviews site as well. Daily Vinyl truly embodies our belief that creating good content on your site is necessary to drive your business goals. We also practice all of the marketing techniques on the site—from SEO to social media to digital pr—that we advise clients on every day.

Our Place to Experiment

Because we call all the shots at Daily Vinyl we're able to use the site as a great way to test new ideas that can benefit our clients. We're writing content and code on the site every week so if there's a new best practice that we'd like to try out or a marketing technique that we'd like to experiment with, we'll often test it first on Daily Vinyl and then pass along what works to you.

screenshot of the EuropeUpClose website


In just two short years EuropeUpClose has gone from a relatively unknown blog to one of the premier destinations for European travel advice online. When they first reached out to Electric Orange their site was relatively young and received most of its traffic from a CPC campaign that their marketing director was running. The site had minimal functionality with a generic blog template and not very much action.

We worked with EuropeUpClose to create a newly designed Wordpress site that would enhance the user experience and help organize some of their already superb content on traveling in Europe. Aside from design, we assisted in establishing their brand online by implementing an aggressive SEO campaign and social media strategy. The result in just one year was astounding. We succeeded at reinventing their brand from a small blog run by a travel agent to an international destination for all people interested in travel to Europe.

Our Impact

  • Increased total visits to EuropeUpClose by over 400% in 6 months
  • Daily visits from Google organic traffic grew 3x from 6 months prior
  • Grew social media profiles by the thousands; increased their sphere of influence on other similar sites

What We Did

  • Consulted on a redesign of EuropeUpClose.com
  • Helped establish this young brand as one of the top European travel sites in social media
  • Worked with their team of editors to create relevant content that would translate well to the web
  • Consulted their team of editors each month on topics that were performing well on the site and topics that needed to improve
  • Grew social media profiles like Twitter and Facebook
  • Created strategic partnerships with other sites in the travel community to help boost traffic and credibility
  • Increased the quality of traffic to EuropeUpClose so that their visitors would be more likely to stay longer and read more of their articles

Working With Other Sites Just Makes Your Site Stronger

When discussing a marketing plan with EuropeUpClose we knew we had a unique opportunity because the content was exceptional. The site was based around the knowledge of a seasoned traveling professional. This gave EuropeUpClose an instant upper hand in becoming the "go-to site" for everyone thinking of traveling to Europe. So aside from using proven tactics like SEO and social media to syndicate content, we knew there was more that we could do. We worked on behalf of EuropeUpClose to find sites in their niche that would feature EruopeUpClose in some way. This enabled the EuropeUpClose brand to be seen across numerous websites both large and small and gave them valuable backlinks. The EuropeUpClose brand would go on to become the Tripbase European Travel Blog of 2009, and their content was featured on notable sites like Everyday Health.

It's Not Just Marketing

Many clients believe that as long as they have a website and they exist online then there is nothing left to be done. This could not be further from the truth. As the internet constantly evolves, so must your brand. EuropeUpClose understood this, which is why we were hired to handle their online marketing strategy. But at Electric Orange we do not just handle marketing strategy, we look at how everything you are doing online affects your brand.

So although we were not hired to do development and user interface/user experience consulting for their redesign, we soon jumped into that role for the greater good of the site. The same can be said for Twitter and social media practices. When we were first hired, our only objective was to get EuropeUpClose to rank higher in searches. We explained to them that all of these aspects are intertwined—the code, the search strategy, and the social media profiles must all be integrated. Each and every one of these parts need to work in concert to ensure that your site reaches its full potential. From the first month, we were hands-on in all aspects of this young site. At the end of the campaign we were very proud to see that EuropeUpClose had grown its daily visits 3x and had achieved the credibility it deserves.

screenshot of the prints995 website


When New York-based gallery nine5 approached Electric Orange in 2009, they wanted to create a new brand online to sell limited-edition, high-quality prints by established artists. Already a mainstay in the New York art scene, gallery nine5 wanted to distribute their artists' work around the world through an e-commerce site.

So we created a slick looking e-Commerce site where the gallery could sell all of their high-quality prints to anyone, living anywhere. prints995 has become one of the most important print dealers on the web in just a few short months. It has been featured in Daily Candy, Flavorpill, and Curated Magazine, all of which highlight not only prints995's exceptional taste in art, but also the design of their site as well.

We worked closely with gallery nine5 to create a site that looked both minimalist and fresh, a perfect forum for the extravagant artwork they display here on a daily basis. Once the site was built, we began a full marketing program to get the word out and sell prints.

Our Impact

  • 100% growth in all areas of the site, having grown from scratch
  • Search results for prints995 has increased by over 5,000 searches in 12 months
  • Featured on top sites like Daily Candy and Flavorpill

What We Did

  • Designed and developed prints995.com. We used standards compliant html, css, and javascript along with the Expression Engine CMS
  • Helped transition an offline gallery into an online e-commerce site
  • Coordinated ongoing keyword testing and SEO strategy based around New York City art culture
  • Worked on growing traffic to prints995 through social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook
  • Populated the prints995 blog with relevant content and distributed it across social media
  • Maintained each aspect of Prints995's online identity

Feature Request? We've Got Your Feature Request

From the beginning, gallery nine5 was an exacting client with high standards. Electric Orange continually met and raised the bar as the project evolved and the site took shape. As firm believers in agile development processes and favoring working html and css over photoshop mocks, Electric Orange showed the flexibility to meet gallery nine5's every need, even as those needs shifted.

Teaching a Site to Fish

When it came time to market the site Electric Orange was hired to conduct SEO and set the its social media strategy. We worked directly with the gallery's staff and interns to teach them best practices for blogging and marketing the site through outlets such as Twitter and Facebook. It's a good thing when the client wants to take the reigns from you and run with the process of creating new content to market their site, and Electric Orange was a proud parent when it came time to remove the training wheels.